LaRochelle, Ron ( Sept. 1963)

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Home Town: NewBedford Mass.
Unit at Loring: 27th F.I.S.
First Day at Loring:  Drove up on a Thursday. Orderly room Closed for the day on Friday, so we went back home for the weekend. 500 miles one way . First of many many trips down the road.
Most Memorable Experience: " Coming back from SAC instrument shop during a white out on main taxiway. Had to walk in front of Falcon 7 ,our flight line truck , so they could follow me . Walked right under a B-52 wing and scared the hell out of the A.P. on duty . 
 Do you remember  ""7 HIGH "" ?
Last Day at Loring: "  Last week of March 1967 , usual delays dealing with S.A.C. weenies . Back to civies for me.  Couldn't get out fast enough. Longest ride home ever, thinking did I do the right thing. Brought my 9 month pregnant wife home 2 weeks earlier . Hope I can get home before the baby comes . 
What did you do after Loring?
 Worked @ Quincy Shipyard till they closed and Earned Electrical license . Worked @ large munitions  and other mfg.plants as industrial electrician . After quadruple bypass surgery I worked @ building supply till I retired  ."
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