Marcil, James (1964-1968)

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Home Town: Providence RI
Unit at Loring: 27th Fighter/interceptor
First Day at Loring: A little nervous. Just out of tech school and did't have an idea what life was going to be like.
Most Memorable Experience: "Oh there are so many of them. We had a Chief Master Sergent Libby, and we had a lot of laughs at his expense. He had a strong Maine accent and he would shout orders to guys and most of us would be in the corner chuckling. 
There also was older staff sergent who was as nervous as Don Knotts and, after landing the f-106 and being informed serveral times by the tower that he didn't deploy the drag chute the pilot opened the canopy only to find this sergent running up the ladder to tell him the same thing. Angrily, the pilot said, ""Sergent, I pulled the Godda* handle several times do you think I should bite it off"" "
Last Day at Loring: Got an early out to attend Providence College, And got promoted on that same day. Liked the work but can't say I enjoyed the military life. 
What did you do after Loring? Some college, worked in a steel mill, started a small business, worked for a local gas company for 28 years until I turned 66. Retired 3 years ago, but keep myself busy with rental property.
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