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Almonte, Nelson (1957-1958)*

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A1C Nelson Almonte (Loring May 1958)
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Nelson today (May 2010) - 52 years later...
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Hometown:  Bronx, New York

Unit at Loring:  Headquarters Squadron

First day at Loring:  I reported during May, of 1957.  The weather was very cool, and the noise from numerous B-52's warming up their engines could be heard a mile away.

My job as a personnel specialists brought me in contact with many officers and airmen, and it didn't take long for me to realize that there were many unhappy folks around, wanting to transfer to warmer climates, but it was kind of difficult at that juncture.  I adjusted to the weather, enjoyed the workouts at the gym with a couple of weight lifters and when given the opportunity, drove to New York City (13-1/2 hours) to visit family and girl friend.

Most memorable experience:   During the summer of 1957, an old WWII pilot, who was in the Air Force Reserves, was activated for a couple of weeks, to be checked out as B52- pilot.  His name was James Stewart.  Jimmy was also a highly successful movie star; the nicest gentleman you would ever want to meet.  We had also visits from ex- baseball players (Bob Feller, etc)

We also learned that a Chaplain had gone AWOL from the base.

Last Day at Loring:   I was lucky enough to be granted a transfer to an Air Base Group at Zaragoza AB Spain in June of 1958.  I was so happy that I took me less than  2 hours to process out and say goodby to my friends.  As a buddy of mine drove me to a Bus Depot in Caribou, I said that I would never go back to that cold place.  My feelings have changed, though, and I now look at the assigment with fond memories.  I was sad to learn through a TV program that Loring has been deactivated.


What did you do after Loring: After Loring, I spent 3 years at Zaragoza AB Spain, married a girl from Zaragoza, and returned to the US.  Worked 33 yars for the New York City Police Department.  Took advantage of the GI Bill to attend Baruch College at night, and earned a BBA and a Masters in Public Administration.  The GI bill does not pay for the masters, but I got lucky and received a Mayor's scholarship for a master's program from Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York.  I retired on November of 2000, and have been travelling and having a good time since then.


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