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Baker, John E. Sr. (1955-1958)


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Home Town: Wildwood, NJ

Unit at Loring: 42nd A&E

First Day at Loring: we were mechanics on B-36's which  included loading amo and repairing the weapons and the radar ,day or night , snow or no snow..

Most Memorable Experience: I worked the night shift as a debriefer.  about  3:am One morning  we were  surprised by a visit by General  Curtis LeMae who shook our hands and  went his merry way....

Last Day at Loring: the last day was least memorable....I remember signing out, driving out to Caribou, and my wife and I attempted to tow our mobile home south and home BUT  I found out by the  time I got to Presque that I was not able to pull  the  mobile home any further...so we called a profresional driver and we drove to   Camden, NJ

What did you do after Loring? I left the Air Force 09-01-58 and started  college 09-15-58 and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science,in 1963 majoring in Pharmacy

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