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Beauregard, Robert (1955-1958)*


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Getting setup to trim the engine for water injection.
42nd FMS Engine Conditioning Crew
Checked out on both B-52 & KC135

Home from basic training Sampson AFB 1955

Robert at NCO Graduation 1957


Waiting for a work order to come in.  Either to change a fuel control or change the engine

This was our test stand.  Very primative

Living the good life at age 74!

Adjusting the fuel control for water injecting


  Lincoln, RI

Unit at Loring:  42 FMS (Engine Shop)

First day at Loring:

Left Sheppard on August 25,wearing summer uniform, got to Loring on Sept. 3 in same uniform and was quickly chew out for not having Blues on. What a diffenence in temp. that was.

Most memorable experience:  

getting to meet a lot of different people and making friends that I have to this day.

Last Day at Loring:  

Had just been married for 2 months, so I got signed out everywhere, went back to Caribou, picked up the wife loaded the car and was gone. O, we were also in a snow storm at the time, but didn't matter we were heading south.

What did you do after Loring?

Got married in Edmundston N.B. 3 months before leaving Loring, was living in Caribou for that short time. Discharged on Dec. 1st. Loaded the car and headed for Rhode Island. Jobs were at a premium in '59 so had to take what I could get but in '61 got hired as a technician at Texas Instruments in Attleboro Ma. Stayed in the wire Division and when I became a senior Tech. moved into Research and Development until I retired in Dec. of 1996. We had three sons and they had 11 kids between them. Also have 1 Great grand son. Started wood carving and doing it in my workshop pretty much every day, keeps me busy.

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