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Becker, James Richard (1958 - 1962)

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Home Town: Plantation, Florida
Unit at Loring: 42 Combat Support Grp
First Day at Loring: "Hectic !!  Shortly after I arrived the base went on alert.  (Always wondered if it was because of me) !!!

Was assigned to the new Data Processing dept where I learned to operate the new computer systems.  It was the beginning of my career in data processing from which I retired almost 40 years later.  "
Most Memorable Experience: I was dating a nurse in Boston and for over two years, sun or snow, I drove or hitched the 650 round trip whenever I had time off or a three day pass.  Unknown to me she had also been dating a naval officer at the Charlestown Naval yard.  When she fiinally chose me over him he was totally devistated.  He could not understand how she would give up a Naval officer for a lowly enlisted man.  After all, HE was a Lt. J/G (obviously with a highly inflated ego).  We were happily married for 47 yrs (1962-2009) when my sweetie died of ovarian cancer.
Last Day at Loring: "Like so many I counted the days until my FIGMO discharge day arrived.

ACTUALLY, my last day at Loring was in 2010 when I drove up for a visit after being away for 48 years.  It was a ""bitter-sweet"" visit. (GLAD that I went, SORRY that I went).   So much had changed and it was hard to get my bearings.  I even was able to drive out onto the once highly guarded flight line where in 1958 they would have shot me and asked questions later.  "
What did you do after Loring? As previously stated, I continued to work in data processing, management and programming throughout my lifetime.  The A/F gave me the best opportunity that I ever had for a career after my three and a half years at Loring, the only permanent duty station that I served at. 
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