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Brown, John B. (1954-1957)*

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A&E view from my window building 6500 winter `55
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Airman 2nd class John B. Brown meeting Brig Gen. Wm K. Martin (Loring Commanding General)

I Had submitted a Management Suggestion re a redesign of a roadway which I had considered dangerous and the General liked my idea and I was hauled before him to receive an award. Many years later I sent the picture to the General and he kindly autographed it and sent it back to me in Scotland. It was a great honor to meet with our Base Commander and serve in the USAF.


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Hometown:  Troon Scotland

Unit at Loring:  42 A&E Squad

First day at Loring:  Really exciting as I was always keen on aircraft having built many models when living in Scotland.

Most memorable experience:   There were many very hard days and nites spent outside during winter but on a lighter note the one I recall was helping build a dog kennel with a married Staff Sergeant for his dog `Beastie` and we built ourselves into the structure and had to be `rescued`so to speak!!

Last Day at Loring:   A bit nostalgic although at the time I was about to return to Scotland on a ocean liner sailing from Quebec via France then to Southampton England.


What did you do after Loring: Helped build up a family auto Dealership finally becoming Chairman before retiring and moving to Troon, the home of the famous Royal Troon Golf Club. I also obtained my PPL licence in the 1960`s and now at age 79 design, build and fly radio controlled model aircraft, I have also kept in touch over the years with my Base Commander Lt General William K. Martin in a `pen pal` style. The General is now elderly and not in great health and his daughter advises me of his condition.

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