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The Triumph

Oct `55 saw Operation `Sea Legs`; a TDY to Upper Heyford England and I was part of it. During my time in Oxfordshire I purchased a Triumph Tiger100 motor cycle while up in Scotland, rode it down to Upper Heyford (about 340 miles), used it on the Base for a couple of weeks then had it flown back to Loring in the Bomb Bay of a B-36.
I used it the following year (when the ice and snow had melted) and it was handy on the flight line getting round the aircraft, especially at nite. One Saturday I set off for Quebec City to visit my girlfriend up there and the following day had to ride back to Loring in a blizzard which had just blown up. That was the worse trip ever on a motorcycle. 
The Triumph served well on Loring`s Flight Line (especially at nite getting round the aircraft) and I sold it some time in 1957 but I cannot recollect to whom. I hope somebody still has it and restored it. It's U.K licence plate number which was on the front mudguard was JVB 403, it's State of Maine number I cannot remember.I am enclosing a photo of the Tiger 100 with the B-36 in the background.