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Brown, Robert C (1954-1957, 1958-1963)


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Home Town: Evansville, IN
Unit at Loring: 42HqSq-42APS, 3080APS-42CDS
First Day at Loring: Arrived at Presque Isle by train right out of boot at Lackland in Nov 54. Cold and nervous about this first assigment. I was on a "block" assignment which meant that the base could put me anywhere.  Started working on a detail at the BOQ and finally landed a permanent job with the Base Housing Office as a clerk typist - no, I didn't know how to type.
Most Memorable Experience: "A couple of Presque Isle families, of some girls we met at the skating rink outside Caribou,
took a few of us young airmen in as friends of the family - included us in holiday dinners and parties and probably saved us from ourselves. Met my first wife there.  "
Last Day at Loring: Well, in '57, now married, - mixed emotions - was excited about my first overseas asignment to Korea,  but nervous about leaving my family behind for a year.
What did you do after Loring? Well, actually I came back to Loring at the 3080thAPS, 57-62 and 42CDS, 62-63. I made the Air Force a career with follow-on assignments to Kunsan,Korea, Okinawa, Langley, Andrews, Wiesbaden, Germany and Vandenberg, with many temporary assigments all over the world.  I retired at Vandenberg with 29 years and 3 months as CMSgt and would do it all over again if they would let me.  I worked for 13 years in the travel industry and 7 years in civil service before entering full retirement in 2003.  
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