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Broyles, Robert E. (1955-1960)

When were you stationed at Loring?  1955-1960

What Squadron?  42nd Air Refueling Squadron

What is your hometown?  Potwin, Kansas

What was your first day like?  November 10 1955 Cloudy snow showers, found out my squadron was TDY to Thule.

What was your favorite memory?   I still tell about one of the times that I flew an all night mission in July of 1958,  slept all the next day and MISSED summer.  I was told that it got up to 90 degrees that day. I think that was a record.

What was your last day like?  Glorious, but sad, Loring was a real fraternity of people who worked together!

What did you do after Loring?  Reassigned to Turner AFB, GA, when it closed went to McCoy AFB, when it closed, on to Barksdale AFB. LA.  Retired from there in 1974, moved to Albuquerque, NM. Became a realtor, home builder & remodeler.  Been here ever since & loving it.. 

People can contact me at:  bobbroyl@comcast.net