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Burford, Chuck (1957-1959)

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Hometown:  Buffalo, NY

Unit at Loring:  69th Bomb Sqd

First day at Loring:  Sunny, bright and I wondered why the people at Tech Sch called it the Hell Hole of the Air Force.

Most memorable experience:   When the B-52 parked on a hardstand from our 1100 postion, nose to us, burst into flames when the crew chief was cking out #3 eng for a fuel leak write up. We where on the flight deck passing time playing Hearts. We wanted to make sure all the cards were picked up before we exited the plane.

Last Day at Loring:   The day I signed out (5/59) heading for Guam. I survived under Col. "Sundown Wells" but hoped that my orders would get me thru Travis, AFB. They did and Life was great


What did you do after Loring: Became a Flt Eng on C-130's A-E models in 1960 and flew them for 16 years. The Sqd's I was in were AF but were flying ELINT and COMINT missions around the world. My original AFC was a Russian Linquist in1956. My last job was Mid-Air recovery of Spy Satellites. I've been awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross and The Air Medal 9 times along with other awards.I also recieved the Chief Air Crew Wings. The US News and World Report had a special report 21 pages long telling the world of our Top Secret missions, 20 years after I retired from them. So much for Top Secret B/I.


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