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Caruso, Vincent (1959-1962)

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Home Town: Ashtabula,Ohio
Unit at Loring: 42nd FMS HYD. shop
First Day at Loring: "Got there in February. Scary as hell. Snow was higher than anything I ever saw. Main gate looked like an igloo. Buddy I rode up with was from Maine & thought we were actually in Canada. He never saw that much snow either.
Saw my first B-52D (we called them heavies) & couldn't believe it could fly!
Everybody we saw looked like eskimos because of the parkas.  WELCOME TO ARE-U-STUCK county Maine!!!

Most Memorable Experience: Too many good times to pick just one & as many bad events. One that sticks in my mind is when we got our FIGMO ribbons. Don't know if later airmen did the same ritual. Got a bottle of Seagram's VO which has a black & yellow ribbon on the neck. Poped the cork (top) & threw it away. All who were to become "short timers" drank it to the end. Obviously, we got pretty drunk. Not the only time we got that way up there.
Last Day at Loring: Actually, bittersweet. After almost 4 years it became home because of the guys. My brothers. I knew how much I'd miss them. As much as I hated where Loring was, I loved what I did & the gang I served with. Funny, I rode out of Loring with the same guy I rode in with. We got discharged on the same day.
What did you do after Loring? "Almost re-enlisted when I got married & couldn't find a job but they told me I had to go back to Loring. Remember, you had to fill your own vacancy..CRAP!!  Raised a family, retired from a telecommunications company. Now still play with airplanes. Flight engineer on a B-17G & C-47 with Yankee Air Force warbird museum. Plan to vist Loring fall of 2012 with a couple of my AF buddies."
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