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Cowan, William T. (1957-1960)

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Hometown:  Alexandria, VA

Unit at Loring:  42 APS/CDS

First day at Loring:

Cold, miserable and wishing I was back home.

Most memorable experience:  

I really don't have a favorite story about my time at Loring.  Although I really didn't like the Air Force during my first enlistment, it was a valuable learning experience.  Later, I re-entered the Air Force and made a career of the military.  I had some very rewarding jobs during not only during my first enlistment, but throuthout my military career. I don't think I ever had a job or assignment I didn't like.

Last Day at Loring:  

A former supervisor, Reginal Tibbetts, and his wife, had us (my wife and I) over to their place for dinner.  Shortly before mid-night, Marilyn and I left the Tibbetts' and went over to base headquarters so I could "sign out", officially completing my four year enlistment in the Air Force.  I was more than a little drunk, and the OD made a laughing comment about my condition, asking what's the occation? This, I said, completes my Air Force Career; and that, is the occation.  He just laughed and said "congratulations, I wish I was getting out too."

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