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Culbreth, Walter E. Jr (1955-1957)

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Hometown:  Goldsboro, N.C.

Unit at Loring:  42nd ARS

First day at Loring:  Can't remember the first day-- First duty day was to report to base personnel where I was advised my orders were not in order and would have to be sent back to Texas for correction-- I knew i was assigned to B-36 unit---Base Personnel Officer stated the I should go over to Air Refueling Sq and check in as I would like the KC- 97 Tankers better than  the B-36, which I did and he was right

Most memorable experience:   Actually an incident while TDY at Thule-- a husky grabbed my Parker sleeve and dragged me, off my feet, around the street  ---

Last Day at Loring:   I had decided to return to civilian life and it was hectic to get personal property loaded and depart


What did you do after Loring: Went into the insurance business and ended up Adjusting Aircraft Accidents for insurance Companies--- also flew L-19 Bird dogs and Mohawks  for 10 years in the Army National Guard-- Restored a crashed L-19 and also jointly owned a DHC-4 Caribou, which we flew cargo around the Bahamas and down South--Now retired to Davidson North Carolina


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