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Depew, Harry P. (1954-1962)*

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Airman Brown Ssgt Harry Depew and Airman Don Fischer                               From Profile Photos

42 Field Maintenance Sqdn Basketball Team                                                 From Profile Photos
Home Town: Morristown, NJ
Unit at Loring: 42nd Field Maintenance Sqdn
First Day at Loring: Very cold and lots of snow
Most Memorable Experience: I had a part time job of running the Loring Air Force  Ski Slope
Last Day at Loring: Cold
What did you do after Loring? Retired from US Air Force 1 Dec 1970 with 20 years and 29 days. I then was employed by The New Jersey Department of Corrections,during my first five years of employment I attended The College  of New Jersey and earned a Master Degree in Education. I retired as a Prison Warden May 1 1993 from  the State of New Jersey after 28 years .
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