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Diehl Ed (1957-1958)

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Home Town: Linton, Indiana
Unit at Loring: 42nd PMS
First Day at Loring: "I arrived May 1957, weather was nice, thought this going to be a nice place but I found out it was nice,except the weather. Loring was my first assignment after Tech School at Amarillo AFB, Texas and KC-135 factory school at Seattle, Washington. My first day on the flightline was an experience, I was being escorted around beings I didn't have my "" line badge ""yet and this siren went off scaring me to death. The base was on alert and I was told to go back to the barracks beings I didn't have my "" line badge "". I was there when the B-47 pulling reflex crashed taking off, they were going back to McCoy AFB, Florida if I remember correctly. A few days later the Kc-135 crashed basically in the same are as the B-47. The runway was closed for a while for it was not known what caused the accidents.
When I arrived, Loring had early model B-52's and some KC-97's, a while after that the rest of the 97's left and the KC-135's started coming in and the base started getting B-52Ds. The Periodic Maintenance Squadron worked in the big hanger close to the end of the runway."
Most Memorable Experience: I was a farm boy and was used to hard work. One weekend several of us went out and was hired by this farmer to pickup potatoes. At lunch time we went back to the chow hall on base to eat for no one had any money. Some of the guys wouldn't go back for they were so tired and stayed in the barracks, others went back but only 3 of us got out of our cars and went back to work, the others layed in their cars waiting for us. I picked the most which was 16 barrels at 25 cents a barrel, some of the old timers were picking up 100 barrels a day. I've got to say that was the hardest work I've ever done in my life and I'm 77 years old.
Last Day at Loring: "My last day at Loring was in December 1958. The DOD was busting up the large wings such as Loring and making small satelite bases around the country. These satelite bases only had a few aircraft, 15 bombers and 15 tankers or just 15 of either type.
15 of the B-52D's went to Bergstrom AFB, Texas, don't know where any of the tankers went. I also went to Bergstrom but to be assigned to KC-135's. We received brand new tankers at Bergstrom.
They started a program at Loring, if you would re-enlist you could leave Loring and go to Bergstrom, many people took them up on the offer. I took what the called a "" short discharge "", with two years in I re-enlisted for 6 more years."
What did you do after Loring? I stayed in the USAF and retired in 1976. Bought a small farm, ran a few cattle plus managed a hardware, furniture and clothing store for 11 years then went back full time to farming, raising turkeys. I retired in 1999.
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