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Driscoll, Steven (1954-1958)

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Home Town:    Colorado Springs
Unit at Loring:    3080th Avn Depot Sqdn
First Day at Loring:    My father (CWO William Driscoll) was transferred from Sandia Base in Albuquerque to Loring in the summer of 1954.  I was six years old, and this is the first transfer I can remember.  We lived at the south end of Hickam Drive. so there was nothing between our building and the trees but a lawn.  A big change from New Mexico, where the view from our back door had been desert all the way to the horizon!
Most Memorable Experience:    The arrival of the first B-52s.  I don't remember B-36s at Loring, but the -52s had everyone excited.  I remember lines of cars pulled over on the shoulder of the highway from Limestone whenever a -52 was seen on a landing approach.  These were Air Force people, many of whom had served in WWII/Korea, still impressed with the noise, the smoke, and the size of the planes.
Last Day at Loring:    We were transferred to Travis AFB on my birthday (Sep 2) in 1958, and I had grown up a lot from age six to 11, so I really knew what a transfer meant.  I didn't expect to spend the next seven days on two-lane roads at 55 mph, and never looked at a transfer the same way again.
What did you do after Loring?    "Five years on the LAPD, 20 years in the Army, and many other less important things.
I'm now 66, retired, and living in Colorado Springs for the mountains and the weather.  My father retired at Nellis AFB in 1971 after 30 years.  He had been a nuclear weapons technician for the last 24 years of his career, and died of a rare form of cancer in 1976 at age 63. No one can say for certain what effect his job and attending above-ground nuclear tests had on his health.  My mother died in Lafayette, IN, in 2001 at age 85."
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