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Easley,Clifford (1956-1960)

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Home Town: Socorro, New Mexico
Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS
First Day at Loring: Interesting, the bus ride from the airport through Caribou with the cobble streets was a lasting impression. It was like we were in old England. Then the base was new everything kind of unorganized. It was several weeks before the Squadron realized I was there.
Most Memorable Experience: Well there were many fine and friendly people within driving range of Loring. Most of those I was interested in were female. I met a young lady's family who were lumberjacks, we become good friends and I worked with her brothers a couple of time cutting and hauling trees. However, I met a tremendous young lady in Canada who later become a quite successful as a pianist. The trips to Thule and Ramey were something to remember, both had a lasting influence on my life, as did the people at Loring.
Last Day at Loring: 8th Day of Feburary 1960 was a cold snowy and happy day for me. I was very happy to return to earth but sad to leave all the wonderful people I had met and truley enjoyed their company. It was a long drive home to New Mexico, so I had time to ponder my experience. I had an advantage over many of the Loring Airmen in that I was accoustomed to open spaces and few people, so I traveled all over Northern Maine and Canada during my stay at Loring.
What did you do after Loring? "It required some time to decompress after leaving Loring. Years later I read that other's had trouble re-entering civilian society. The bond forged and the security of fellow airmen was something I missed very much.
I entered college and after several false starts, married a strong Texas lady, she helped me complete my education. I worked at White Sands and in Albuquerque for Government contractors in Space and Nuclear projects. Then a couple of years in Las Vegas working on the Atomic test range. A very good friend got me a position with Humble Oil in Houston were I spent 25 years working in Gas Pipeline Engineering before retiring in Corpus Christi Texas with my Texas woman. "
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