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Forman, Jerry (1956-1959)*

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Jerry (1958-1959)

Read Jerry's memories of his  time at Loring AFB

                   Loring Hospital Medical and Administrative Staff circa 1957/58 courtesy of 
Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Vernie


Hometown:  Berkley, CA

Unit at Loring:  4034th USAF Hospital, 42nd Air Base Group

First day at Loring:

Apprehension, confusion, awe, et al..

Most memorable experience:  

Too many to pick out just one.  A phenomenal sight and memory I took away from my time on Loring was my introduction to the Northern Polar Lights display better known as the Aurora Boraelis.   What a spectacular show this was and it really piqued my interest during my three year stay.  The display seem to be enhanced during the Winter months even though they could be seen through out the year.  Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this display.

Last Day at Loring:  

Elation, sadness. wonderment, happiness, et al.

What did you do after Loring?

After returning home to California from Loring, I resumed working towards my college degree.  Worked part time for a major metropolitan newspaper while in school, earned my degree  and ended up staying 23 years with the newspaper.  Newspaper administration sent me to computer school to become a computer programmer analyst affording me the opportunity to set up and work on newspaper business computer systems..

Retired from newspaper business returning to college and obtained an MBA with concentration in Information Management.  Started working on a second career with the Federal Government & ended up retiring from U.S. Department of Energy as a Project Manager/Computer Specialist in the Management Information Department in Oakland, California.

Also earned a lifetime California Teaching Credential and taught high school briefly.  Life has been good post Loring. 

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