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Jerry's thoughts

Winter Carnivals and other things... (09 Feb 2010)

I have very fond memories working with and making friends of the medical staff of the 811th Medical Group at the Loring Base Hospital and Dispensary while there.  They were highly trained medical professionals who were tops in their respective fields.  I was at a young an impressionable age at the time  and actually considered a career in the medical profession when my enlistment came to a close. 

    Being a California native, I had never experienced living in snow country prior to  arriving at Loring.   The extent of my  experience in the snow was frolicking and aspre skiing  on sunny California/Nevada ski slopes in the Spring.  What a surprise awakening during my first Maine Winter.  I learned very quickly how to drive my car in the snow and how to carefully walk!  On more than one Winter morning I couldn't find my auto which had been buried under tons of snow that had fallen during the night.  I also remember the 40 below temps which left an everlasting memory.

   During my three years at Loring, we always had Winter Carnivals each year on Base which was a lot of fun including many Winter activities i.e. snow sculptures, Winter sports contests, lots of prizes for various contests, et al.   I've never read one comment on these activities on the Loring AFB Yahoo Group discussions?

    One of my greatest memories of Maine in general will always be the kindness shown to me and others by all of the local people.  On many occasions I was invited to homes of acquaintances for dinners and other functions which had everlasting memories for me.

    Also, while stationed at Loring I took full advantage of the North East corridor traveling to interesting spots I'd read about.   Visiting Canadian spots was truly a highlight as well.