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Freeman, Jack E. (1953-1956)

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Hometown:  SanBernardino, Ca

Unit at Loring:  70th Bomb sqdn.

First day at Loring:  Coming from Carswell AFB  to Loring in the fall took some getting used to

climate wise.  The docks for the B-36s were not finished yet so we had to work

outside, it was mighty cold!  This would be the fall of 1953.

Most memorable experience:   My B-36 had landed at Westover, Mass. , so I had to take my ground crew

down to get it ready to come back.  I found a flight crew and a C47 to take us

there, it was night and freezing cold.  I had a de-icer truck come out and spray

 the plane and load a B10B power unit on board.  We took off all right, leveled

off at altitude when the right engine quit.  We rolled right and the left engine quit.

The next thing we knew we were cart-wheeling thru 10 ft. of snow in the north

woods.  They found us shortly afterwords with a halftrack ambulance, brought us back to base.  We all had check ups and left next day in B-25  made it back with B36 OK.

Last Day at Loring:   My last day at Loring was the 28 Feb.1956 , after processing out I got in my new 1956 Ford victoria and headed for my home in Duluth Minnesota, after stopping of in New Hampshire to see good buddy Fred Fellows fellow crew

chief. We went thru NCO academy together there at Loring.


What did you do after Loring: moved from minnesota to Sanbernardino Ca. in 1958, got a job in Aircraft

factory as aircraft Inspector. for 40 years and 5 months, now retired and I am kept busy restoring autos with my oldest son Great life!


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):freeman4704z@verizon.net