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Gier, James (1959-1963)

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Home Town: Eden, NY
Unit at Loring: 27th FIS
First Day at Loring: Cold, windy and I was setting up my mobile home (that I towed from Griffiss AFB) in Whites trailer park outside the Limestone
Most Memorable Experience: The parties and dinners that our land lady put on for the 20 couples that lived in the park.. Mostly SAC and Army anti-aircraft defense from the Nike sites. The great fishing all around the base- especially the pond over at Ft. Fairfield
Last Day at Loring: Cold and windy as I watched a commercial mobile home hauler  hook up to my mobile home getting ready to haul it to Florida, as I was being transferred to Misawa, Japan- even further north!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you do after Loring? Left Loring as a TSgt and retired as a SMSgt In Dec 1977. 
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