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Graf, Miller (1954-1956)

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Hometown:  Newburyport  Mass

Unit at Loring:  69 Bomb Sqdn

First day at Loring:

I never knew how far north Loring (Limestone) was. I had never even seen a B-36. As a new APE (Aircraft Performance Engineer) from the B-50 training program SAC, the B-36, and Loring were all new to me.

Most memorable experience:  

Last Day at Loring:  


What did you do after Loring:

After Loring I went to Carswell (11th BW) then to upgrade school and on to the 99th BW at Westover in B-52. There as a surplus Navigator I was reassigned to the BW Command Post, later to the 57th ADIV CP (at Westover) then on to the 8th AF CP (At Westover and the 'Notch') Next (in '62) I went to Sondrestrom AB as Operations Officer in the 2004th, Back to Westover and HQ Eastern Comm Region, next to UMass as an AFIT student (still living near Westover) Back to Sondrestrom AB as CO of the 2004th, Back to Westover and CO of the 18th CS attached to HQ 8th AF. Finally left Westover for good in 1971 and on to Hanscom AFB as Sys. Prog. Officer for SAC' SATIN program -- and retirement in 1973. Spjent the next 30 years acquiring my terminal degree and teaching economics until final retirement in 2000.


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