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Graves, Gene A. (1956-1958)

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Home Town: Bradner Ohio
Unit at Loring: 42 Fld Maint. A/C Instrument Repair42250
First Day at Loring: My vehicle broke down in Ohio and had to Hitch-hike to Loring, I had to walk the entire Haynesville woods, in the coldest winter storm. My first day I got there, the base was a "Mound" of frozen Snow. After locating my bld. 42 Fld Maint. Housing a 1,000 personal, I went down the stairs into the Basement, and checked in. Later I would find out our building had no Basement, The men had chopped stairs in the deep snow to make the stair's to get to the door! It was as Bad as Korea. I also was there at the scene when the B-52 Burned on Hardstand 27. and was the one in a b-15 flight coat assisting CRASH to drag the hoses that were trying to extinguish the fire ( this was in the base Stars and stripes. (DEATH OF A GIANT) Duty was very good at Loring. I recall the arrival of the KC-135s and had the preasure of working on all the Aircraft,including the 1st U-2 that  flew down and parked in dront of the Llightline and Parked in front of the A&E Bld. 1st one I ever saw !!!
Most Memorable Experience: Duty was very good at Loring. I recall the arrival of the KC-135s and had the preasure of working on all the Aircraft. Once I had to Swing and calibrate a compass on a C-45 and the Two Warrent officers were on a routine training check and they feathered the #1 Engine and trimmed the engine, and also prior to starting the engine they feathered the #2 Engine, I was never so shook as I was as they attempted to restart the engine's as we were droppiing. There was no chute nor time to use it, and I held on for a twirling ride. I must admit I was not the only one shook up that day. BUT! they both did a great job and I am still here. That was the last time I would ever air swing a compass
Last Day at Loring: I was very glad and Happy as HEll !, I must say though That joining The US Air Force was the right thing and I do not regret it in any way. I have met Many of America's Finest. and still try to keep some kind of connection with them, Those other's were Ponshock Lynch, Adams, Lafferty, Mclendon, Hadbaveny, Sgt Clagg, Col Roger Page (Korea), Greek, McIntyre, Woods Henderson and a host of others and all the Arm Boys that I was assigned with in Korea and then I was station later at the AIF Force Gunnery and Bomb Range, Which is now really mucjh different than I knew it A Golf Course is now spread over all the area of the Bomb Range South of the Kunsan Res. and very few Korean Straw homes Now completely all modern Homes. No PSP for taxi-ways and a build up of facilities. We did have a Makeshift Golf Course in front of what was a USO there.    
What did you do after Loring? I had just purchased a 1951 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon and drove a feew other Airman to their homes that were discharged at the same time. in civie Life I wourked in many capacities. including Law Enforcement, Salesman, Owned my own Window Cleaning Business, Worked in Foundries and thenwas a Supervisor for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 18 Years and then Promoted to Manager in Production for 7 years then Retired to Missouri on a 40 Acre Plot. amd Wrote Many Verse, Poems and Short Stories, Songs, and one book that were published and or copyrighted. Now I just set my healthy Young 75 year old body down, next to my one acre Pond and catch Big Bass and enjoy life. That is why I am Happy as HEll. Life and the Lottery has been very good to me. I am married WE have 4 Children 7 grandchildrenand 5 Great grand children. I can only say I am glad to have served my Country, And would like to Also Thank all Service Men and Women who have and or Is serving in the Military, Including My Grand Son who is soon to be a Staff Sgt in Air Force Security and is serving in his 2nd tour in Afg. He will be a 20 or 30 Year man and his wife is noot expecting their first Baby (girl) My other GRandson Will be joining the Marines when he Graduates. Semper F  
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