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Griffin, William (1956-1958)*

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Bill today

Bill checking out equip before going to shoot

President Eisenhower (Photo by Bill, 1958)
The President was on his way to Europe for a NATO meeting and stopped off at Loring
His A/C was the Columbine, a Super Constellation and last of non-jet Presidential aircraft
That is General Martin to the left of Ike.

General Sweeney (8th AF Commander from Westover) and General Martin (Commanding Officer-Loring) are at the bottom of the stairs.  His son is walking behind him, who was a Major at the time.
From Loring Profiles

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Home Town: Savannah,GA
Unit at Loring: 42 Operations Sqdn, Base Photo Lab
First Day at Loring: "I arrived at the RR station in Caribou late one February night, there had been an ice storm and nothing was traveling on the roads so I spent the night sleeping on a bench inside the small station house.  When I stepped off of the train I had my duffle bag on my shoulder and I slipped on the ice and was nearly crushed by my duffle.
Don't have much recollection of my first day on base."
Most Memorable Experience: "I was an AF Photographer and had the opportunity to shoot many events on and around Loring.  The Bomb Competition, in 57/58 was an exciting shoot with some humerous sides.
The arrival of President Eisenhower in 58 was my highest level VIP shoot.
General Powers visit after he became SAC Commander was another.
We lost a B-52 (57/58) in Canada and I spent several days shooting the crash site.
Shot the arrival of the first KC-135.
Life was never dull, for long, at the Base Photo Lab in those days."
Last Day at Loring: Don't have much recollection about the last day either but knew that I was on my way to England.
What did you do after Loring? "Spent a bit more than six and one half years on active duty.  Of that,  five + years time in grade as A1C because my career field was frozen.  Two locations (West Drayton & Bushy Park) in England.  Married a Norwegian gal and had a son while in England.  Returned to States and finished my active duty at Fairchild AFB in Washington state.  Civilian life has revolved around sales for Remington Rand, Pfizer and ADM.  Retired in 1999 and moved to SC."
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