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Huff, Paul W (1955-1962)

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Home Town: Eldorado KS
Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS Tanker Branch
First Day at Loring: 29th of March 1955, had to climb a snow bank to see the Flag Pole at HQ to sign in. 
Most Memorable Experience: Watching the B-36's leave and the B-52's replace them. I was assigned as a Crew Chief on a KC-97 and then was involved with their delivery to Tinker AFB OK Depot during the pahse out. Attended FTD at Loring on the KC-135 and was assigned Crew Chief of KC-135 56-3615. Many enjoyable TDY's over time. The most important factor was getting married and having the sense to re enlist and make the AF a Career.
Last Day at Loring: Aug 8th  1962. A lot of tears & goodbye's. I had married a lady from Limestone and she was leaving family and we both were leaving AF friends. We had PCS orders to Barksdale AFB LA 
What did you do after Loring? "Assignments to Barksdale AFB LA, KI Sawyer AFB MI, Utapao AFB Thialand and Robins AFB GA. Retired from the AF there.
Employed by the US Postal Service for over 20 yrs. Retired agin in FEB 1991"
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