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Hurchala, John (1955-1958)

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Home Town:    stafford springs
Unit at Loring:    42nd air police squadron
First Day at Loring:    a long trip out of boston by bus  easter sunday april l955  when we arrived we heard the b36s warm what a noise had no idea what of where the noise came from  we learned fast
Most Memorable Experience:    i would b pulling duty when the northern lites were present  most of my time on duty was at nite so that was a treat  three  seasons snow/mud dust and very little dust made some good money picking spuds ha
Last Day at Loring:    left on a good note sorry to leave my sentry dog although he was a great pal
What did you do after Loring?    went to electronic tech school  also had a tv/appliance store retired as executive director of stafford housing authority
If you agree, people can contact you at (email):    stafford.electric@snet.net