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Lutz, John (1954-1961, 1970-1974)

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Hometown:  Toledo, Ohio

Unit at Loring:  42nd A&E Sq.

First day at Loring:  It was a clear Autumn day.

Most memorable experience:   I can't say I have a favorite story beside meeting my wife Carmella on my 19th birthday, at Canan's in Madawaska, ME., We married in her hometown of Edmundston in May 1956. There are so many great stories of Loring too many to innumerate. One of my most memorable stories is my first flight, in "any kind of aircraft" as a young 18 year old Bomb/ Nav tech in the B-36. This was one of the most awesome events of my life, one I'll never forget. I went on to become a proud member of the B-36 Hundred Hour Club - flight personnel who accumulated more than 100 flying hours in B-36's. Later when B-52's replaced the B-36 at Loring, I went on flying as a Bomb Nav technician on B-52's before going on to other career fields.


Last Day at Loring:   I simply don't remember.


What did you do after Loring: After Loring I made a career of the Air Force. I was stationed at Wright-Paterson AFB, OH; 1961-67, Mather AFB CA; 1967-68, Hollaman AFB, NM; 1968-70; back to Loring AFB 1970-74; then on to Castle AFB, CA where I retired in 1978 as a CMSGT. I was a member of SAC my entire military career.

Following my Air Force retirement I have resided in Atwater, CA near Castle AFB. While in the Air Force, I used my VA education benefits to pursue what has always been my real passion, a pilot. I acquired my Airline Transport Pilot(ATP) certificate; and a Flight Instructor certificate with single, multi-engine  and instrument instructor ratings. I flew as a commercial pilot and flight instructor from 1978 until I fully retired in 1997. During that period I accumulated more than 10,000 hours flight time, mostly in small/medium single & multi-engine airplanes, and aquired over 3,000 hours giving multi, single engine and instrument instruction. 

My wife and I now enjoy retirement spending time with family, friends and traveling. We I have five children and several grand and great grandchildren.

One of my other favorite pastimes is taking my 13 year old great grandson, who loves airplanes like me, to our nearby Castle AFB museum. I hope if any of you ever out this way, you visit our museum, it's one of the best anywhere! It's a real nostalgia trip. We have a B-36; B-52 and B-47, not to mention many other great WW II, Korean and Vietnam war vintage aircraft. Check out our museum web site, "Our Aircraft - On Display": http://www.castleairmuseum.org/  



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