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Marotta, Don (1953-1957)

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Hometown:  Hazleton, PA

Unit at Loring:  75 Bomb Squadron

First day at Loring:

I arrived via the old Bangor and Aroostock railroad.came by various trains from sheppard afb, texas. A&E school.checked in, assigned a room with joe sigg. we became best friends and still consider him best bff. i arrived as a boy and soon became a man. memory getting short, but i know i wouldn't trade that era of my life for a bag full of money.

Most memorable experience:  

I became friends with a family in caribou.  They invited me to stay for a weekend at their cottage on eagle lake. I had to sleep on a screened in porch. ( a set-up, i soon learned ) about 2 am i heard what i thought was a baby getting strangled . nearly wet my pants. next morning, knowingly, they asked if i heard the noise. i admitted yes! after much good laughs they informed me it was a loon bird.  OMG  !!!! very hard to pick out one favorite story, i had 4 years of unbelievable stories. somehow we always where able to turn those events into a memorabable occasion.

Last Day at Loring:  

Left on march 4,1957. put on some spring civies and headed south, down the road to pa. no regrets at the time , but many more as life went on. 

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