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Martin, Delbert L. (1953-1955)*

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Delbert 1953 @ Loring 
One of my Airmen of the Month Awards (click HERE to view full size)
L-Max Cameron (TX), C-Avult Lehman (WI), R-Del Martin 
 It's still dark outside
Limestone AFB 1954 
Christmas 1954 



Hometown:  Arlington, Tex 76010

Unit at Loring:  42nd Field Maint.

First day at Loring:

Was air-lifted from Carswell on C-124.  The base appeared new and clean, especially the barracks.  The one hangar looked kindly forlorn.  Later Luria docks were added so we could work on B-36's out of the elements.  My first impressions of the base were good.


Most memorable experience:  

I guess the early months in trying to make an operational squadron out of the personnel (including some misfits) which had been off-loaded from other bases and Col. Bertram C. Harrison's desire to fly 1,000 hours the first month.  I was rewarded for the long hours by being promoted to both Staff and Tech Sgt. during my time at Loring.

Last Day at Loring:  

I finished my tour on 30Mar55.  Out processing went smoothly but I felt somewhat sad because I had enjoyed my four years in the Airforce and my two years at Limestone/Loring AFB in spite of the long hours I spent on the flightline.


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