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McFarland, Roger R (1956-1958)

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Home Town: tionesta
Unit at Loring: ground power FMS
First Day at Loring: Arrived caribou train station and then was transported to the base by AF bus.  Stayed at tdy building until we were assigned a room on the bottom floor, can't remember room #.  Was assigned odd jobs until my flight line clearance was approved.
Most Memorable Experience: "I remember wene we were on base alert some time in late 1956 we had to pack everything we had and report to the main hanger to be present in case we would be shipped out.We were issued an M1 carbine and one loaded clip, And then sent back to the barracks to standby. I didn't sleep well that night and the next day it was all over. Never did find out what that was all about"
Last Day at Loring: Thought that day would never come but also knew I would never see the friends I had made. Drove back to Pa my self non-stop. Took my wife home about a month earlier she was expecting our first child. We lived in caribou in an apartment for about months. 
What did you do after Loring? I spent 26 years in glass factories, 14 years as an Environmental/safety manager. Retired 2000. live on a smail farm and watch the grass grow
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