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Minuto, Richard M. (1955-1959)

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Home Town: Philadelphia, PA
Unit at Loring: 69th Squadron ? - my memory is spotty due to strokes.
First Day at Loring: I was an overwhelmed kid with a new wife and a baby on the way. 
Most Memorable Experience: (dictated to sister)   Although I was flight mechanic crew chief, I actually had a fear of heights and had to force myself to climb to the top of the aircraft. My wife Carol had no such problem and actually walked across the B-52 in her high heels. The guys cheered.
Last Day at Loring: (dictated to sister) I cannot remember, to be truthful. My sister is helping me because I am disabled, and confined to a nursing home, due to many mini-strokes. I would really appreciate it if I could reminisce with a kind person who remembers Loring AFB and/or the flight crew. It would really brighten up a very boring life that I have here now. I am 75 and I live in Norfolk, VA.  If anyone could reach out to me, I would be so grateful.
What did you do after Loring? International Sales for Emery Air Freight and for Consolidated Air. 
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): megsumom@cox.net