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Parker, Norman (1953-1956)

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Home Town: Amesbury, MA
Unit at Loring: 70th Bomb Squad.
First Day at Loring: "After 10 hours of train & bus from MA. I was amazed to find I was only the 32nd airman to sign into the Squd. Brand new, never used , college dorm style barracks 
floored me. Only tyhe 2nd person on the area my room was in. A good day.
Most Memorable Experience: A friendship with Donald Yeaton, a room mate for my time there. Sadly Don passed away many years, but I am still in touch with his wife. Getting to know Arrostack   county was amazing. Wonderful people, vast forests,  farmlands... pretty special place.
Last Day at Loring: A few days before I signed out, there was a huge party for the folks involved in a bombing maneuvers... guys from other bases and all. I got fairly whacked, had to rush to Presquile for a flight home, to be an usher in a friends  wedding. Tough leaving good friends.
What did you do after Loring? Four children, 3 grandchildren. 
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