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Peterson, Gary (1959-1960)

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Home Town: Cresco, Iowa
Unit at Loring: 42nd Ops Squadron Comm Center
First Day at Loring: First assignment and trying to soak it all in. Assigned to the old Comm Center in a quanset hut.  I did the bypass specialist route so I didn't make it to tech school for radio operator. Good memories but sad ones as living with the deaths of communications guys on a steel roof and touching a power line. This was the base where the mandatory display of reflective tape on jackets was originated. This was because a snow blower came through the parking lot and killed at least one airman who never heard it coming. 
Most Memorable Experience: Thanksgiving KP so we hid a turkey (we thought it was cooked) for dinner after kp. We found out it was only partially backed!!
Last Day at Loring: Looking back at a pleasant experience and looking forward to new assignment in Ben Guerir AB Morocco. 
What did you do after Loring? Worked the space program with Shepard and Grissom from Africa. Served two years at Travis AFB, Ca. Got into commercial broadcasting. Was a news director at a tv station for 30 years. Got an emmy and retired in 2009. Currently a death scene investigator for the Medical Examiner. Consultant to the Nancy Grace show. 
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