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Pyles George D. (1956, '63-'66)

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Home Town: Riverside Calif
1956 Tour:
Unit at Loring: Missile training squadron
First Day at Loring: "Very confusing. When I arrived I thought I was to be stationed at Loring
it self , but was sent to missile traing base which was attached to loring.
I was the sergeant in charge of the training. We would train on our base and
then have to go onto Loring for close order drill.
Most Memorable Experience: "I was off base training my men in close order drill and did not hear a car pull
up behind me. The next thing I know was I heard an officer call me to attention. I halted my troops and turned around and to my surprise Gen. Harrison
was standing there and asked me why I did not halt and call them to attention
and render a salute. I explained that I did not see him and he told me to report
to my commander and tell him what happened and would be disciplined by him."
Last Day at Loring: "Very exciting to learn what was expected of us. We had good officers
and a lot of good men."
1963 Tour:
Unit at Loring: Missle
First Day at Loring: "I reported to Loring on March 1963 and was assigned to the Missle squadron
Lincoln site. I was in charge of the power plant and responsible for all
three terminals. I served at the Butts Site and then to the Chico site. Our
Missle bay was located on the main base. I was stationed at the Lincoln site
when they made the movie " Gathering Of Eagles" with Rock Hudson the
star. I was showing in the movie in the power plant when they had a
simulated launch. I was there when the site closed in 1966 and transferred
to March AFB."
Most Memorable Experience: The making of the movie "Gathering of Eagles"
Last Day at Loring: "Very sad as I enjoyed being stationed there. When the key was turned on
the entrance portal I felt like I had lost my best friend."
What did you do after Loring? I am now retired.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): geopyles @hotmail.com