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Quintero, Enrique Burolla (1953-1956)

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Home Town:    San Antonio
Unit at Loring:    Supply
First Day at Loring:   
Most Memorable Experience:    I am submitting this for my father. He passed away in March of 2013. My older sister Dianna was born at Loring in 1955. After Loring, my parents went to France, first Bordaux, then Deols AFB at Chateauroux, where I was born. He stayed in for 20 years, moving to SAC, Omaha, NB; Upper Heyford, England, and retired from Forbes AFB, Topeka, KS. After retiring from the USAF, we moved back to his home town of San Antonio, TX. He worked for the SA Express News first, then USAA, followed by Wang Computers, and finally Pass and Seymour, before retiring.
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What did you do after Loring?   
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