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Raymond, Ray (1957-1960)

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Hometown:  San Antonio, TX

Unit at Loring:  Snot-nosed dependent

First Day At Loring:  Arrived Jul57 as a 10 yr old from Texas to a beautiful cool summer. Winter was like something out of arctic National Geographic. I recall parents referring to Loring as  remote. Unsure if that was fair to remote. I recall one TV station and very little radio. The base was our community and we became very happy there. We rarely left the basexcept for family outing to pick potatoes. One time and only time. My life evolved around Damon elementary and Little League.

In retrospect, I have deep fondness for the memories and will someday return though I know not much is left that I would recall like many of the other bases thatI grew up on.


Most memorable experience:I recall the parents deciding to pick potatoes as a "family outing" and pick up a few extra bucks. Parents were laid up for a couple of days afterwards and that was that for potato picking. Remember Little League All Star game in Fort Fairfield in 59 when we gave up 13 or more runs in the last inning to lose. Underground firing range, skiing, skating. Laying on garage roofs when snow blower went by and covered us.

Just dumb kid stuff but treasured memories.


Last Day at Loring: Sad to leave my friends but Pop was transferred back to Texas.

What did you do after Loring? Recon Marine  in Vietnam, awarded (2) Purple Hearts. Was able to see up close and personal what the 52's of my youth could do at Khe Sanh. Thank you very much. Returned home and college. Fortunate to have an MBA from Tulane University. Retired now and wasting my remaining years playing golf almost daily and travel when off the course.

If you agree, people can contact you at: ray.raymond1@att.net