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Riggens, Jerry (1958-1959)

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Hometown:  Aledo, Illinois


Unit at Loring:  42nd A&E


First day at Loring:

Very cold and lots of snow. Had just gotten married and did find a house to rent in Limestone. Bought snow chains as soon as I could. I was transferred here from Morrocco so was quite a change in the weather.


Most memorable experience:

Helping the farmers harvest the potato crop in 1959  


Last Day at Loring:  

Packed the car then had car problems and did not leave until late afternoon. Lots of snow and very cold. Just like when I got there.


What did you do after Loring:

 Stayed out of the AF for 11 months,reenlisted and served 17 more yrs. Retired in Oct 1976 and then drove over the road for a trucking co. for 25 yrs Retired from that in Apr 2001. Spend my time traveling and revisited Loring in the summer of 2002. My old work place looked just like it did in 1959


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