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Riggs, K Lee (1959-1963)

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Home Town: anderson, Ind.
Unit at Loring: Air Police, 
First Day at Loring:  better than basic, and we got plenty of time off, got married to a Maniac Farmer, dug potatos on off day and played with the French girls from Quebec,
Most Memorable Experience: I had a lot of good times, but cant remember my favorite, I hitch hiked home to ind, through the hainville woods in February, ha, scary now that I'm not young!!!  that was in feb.
Last Day at Loring: Was afraid I was going to have to re-enlist for the war in, cant remember, wow
What did you do after Loring? I was a firefighter for 28 years and contractor for the same, now I'm in Florida for 8 month, Bonita Springs, Have two daughters, had three wives, cant keep them either!
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