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Salvador, Tom (1954-1959)*

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Tom's Bomber at Loring AFB, 58-0226


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Hometown:  Shamokin PA

Unit at Loring:  75 Bomb Squadron

First day at Loring:

I got there in Jun 54 after going to B-36 school @ shepperd afb texas. Crew Chief on a B-36 tail# 1036 prior to B-52's, Crew chief B-52# 56-3506(C Model) and tail# 58-1074(G Model) Transfered to Griffis as Crew Chief On B-52# 58-226(G model) I remember living in the barracks on alert and running thru the tunnels from one wing to the other to get to the vehicles to repond to the horn, this happened in all kind of weather and it was cold during the winter month like 20-30 below at times

Most memorable experience:  

  See story above, there were many more , but too many to remember. Did like the sports like some of the greatest fishing, hunting, snow shoing, bobsleding, just great outdoor country.

Last Day at Loring:  

Happy to be leaving after 5 years

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