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Turner,Fran (1959-1962)

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Home Town: clinchco,VA
Unit at Loring: field maintenance
First Day at Loring: It had snowed six or eight feet before I had got on base. After midnight when I got there it snowed 15 inches. I was ready to got back to Virginia, when I meet an old buddy from Coedurn, Virginia  , Bill Clark and he convinced me to stay. That is where he meet my  wonderful wife. The rest is history.
Most Memorable Experience: I meet my wonderful wife. 
Last Day at Loring: I was ready to leave.  I told my wife I was going with or without her.  I returned home to Virginia, i was happy as I could be. 
What did you do after Loring? I got back to Virginia bought a coal tuck and went in to the coal business. I surface mined coal for 40 years. I have been a mason and a shriner for 44 years and counting.I have two beautiful daughters and three granddaughters. And enjoying retirement. 
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