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Tweedie, Robert (1957-1958)

61st Artillery Crest

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Home Town: Westfield. Me.
Unit at Loring: Nike U.S. Army missile
First Day at Loring: "After basic, I chose Nike anti-aircraft training hoping to eventually getting assigned at Loring. I was assigned to the Launcher area of the 548 Missile Battalion later the 605th @ Conners in Feb. 1957.  We were not operational at this time, and in the spring we buried cables, fueled and armed the missiles ect. to become operational.  In July 1958 Pres. Eisenhower sent Army & Marine troops into Lebanon and all the SAC bases were on alert. One Sat.a.m. the alert sounded and we all ran for the pits where the missiles were stored.  This alert lasted what seemed like forever.  Sgt.Johnson, who had served in WW II and Korea, came down into my pit where I was operating the Launcher Control panel, and asked what is up Tweedie? I told him we had 6 unidentified planes, and just then they reported 5 more.  He said this looks bad! I was getting discharged in a few weeks and being located 50 miles from home, at first I could not believe we were facing an attack. As time wore on ,I then figured that they must be attacking our cities and other bases .When  we went into RED Alert, I gave the command to the men topside to ""Hook Up The Squibs""  They did so and raced down underground to the bunker with Sgt. Johnson and I.  After what seem like eternity we got the order to ""Stand Down""  I heard later that these were Canadian planes. They used to sent the fighters out, from Presque Isle AFB during these alerts.  My first day at Connors, I noticed that the mostly airborne  cadre were  very strict, at least as strict as basic training."
Most Memorable Experience: "The Alert in July 1958.  I have recently self published my book EVENTS in which I recount  much WW II history about Presque Isle AFB and later some events at Loring.  I have mailed this book to California Arizona, Texas, Florida, Maine and several other states. It contains history and happenings in Canada, Maine and the U.S. and International EVENTS.  I HAVE TRIED FOR YEARS TO REMEMBER  THE NAME OF A SPECIALIST THREE  FROM OREGON WHO WAS STATIONED, AT CONNOR, MAINE IN 1957 & 1958.  He was married and drove a 1948 Chrysler car. He had an apartment on rte 1 between Caribou, Me and our base.  He was soft spoken and a great fellow. If anyone remembers him, I would like to hear .
Last Day at Loring: "Around the end of August in 1958, when I went to Ft. Devans, Mass for discharge.  I was called back for two weeks training in 1960.  At this time Caswell had been equipped with the Nike Hercules missile with atomic warheads.  I remember two plane crashes in Canada of planes returning to Loring. At least one and perhaps both were tankers that exploded in the air. I remember a fighter pilot Capt. Jerry Mulgren, who was accidently shot by his wife with his service revolver around 1964.  The UFOs which appeared at Loring in 1975 were seen  by my oldest that evening."
What did you do after Loring? I farmed Potatoes and Christmas trees, worked four years as a Potato broker, buying from the farmers and selling them mostly on the Eastern Seaboard.  In 1964 I started Mars Hill Shippers, Inc. Truck Brokerage, which I operated for 43 years until  retirement.  During this time we booked, dispatched, and cut delivery papers for approx. 65,000 loads of produce and freight going all over the U.S.  I met some wonderful people from all over the country.  I still raise Christmas Trees.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): bobtweedie1@aol.com