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Vainright, Julian R. (1955-1957)

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Hometown:  Greenville, NC

Unit at Loring:  42nd Air Refueling Sqd.

First day at Loring:  Going from the Training Command at Reese AFB to the monstrous SAC base was an awesome contrast.  My first day was spent moving into the guest house with my wife and exploring as much of Loring as I could.

Most memorable experience:   There were many "favorite" happenings there.  Of course the winters were beautiful but very challenging.  My first child was born on base when the temperature was about minus 39 but I was on TDY at Thule where our temperature was about +25 and the wind had blown the anamometer off the tower at about 110 knots and we were in a white out for several days.

Being around the B-36s was thrilling as were all of my refueling missions of the B47s and 52s.


Last Day at Loring:   I had decided to return to civilian life and left Loring and the Air Force with very mixed feelings as it had been a wonderful experience.


What did you do after Loring: I returned home to NC and worked in administration for East Carolina University until retirement after 30 years.  Then I became a Realtor and established a Century 21 franchise for 24 years.

During the mid 60s I got into the NC Army National Guard and flew Bird Dogs and Beavers for about six years.


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