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Wahlster, Joseph "Harry" (1954-1957)*

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Joseph Air Force 1953


October 1955 Joseph Wahlster car trip near Loring AFB ??, Art Maraldi, ?,,JW, & John Lutz

 Joseph 'Boondock Harry' Wahlster 1956 Loring AFB Art Maraldi, JW, ??? & John Lutz with John's car

Joseph 'Boondock Harry' Wahlster 1956 Loring AFB ?,?,JW, & Bob Dunwoody 

Joseph 'Boondock Harry' Wahlster 1956 Loring AFB Art Maraldi, JW, ??? & John Lutz with John's car 

Joseph 'Boondock Harry' Wahlster 1955 Loring AFB ?,?,JW, & Bob Dunwoody 

1956 Dick Guevin, Joseph (Harry) Wahlster, John Lutz & Art Maraldi sharing a Moosehead Ale 


Hometown:  Silverton, Oregon

Unit at Loring:  42 A&E

First day at Loring:  It was Limestone then.  I got to Caribou on a Bangor and Aroostock milk train with wooden seats. It stopped at every farm to pick up and drop off milk cans.

When I arrived, someone asked me where I was from. When I said Oregon, he jibed, "Oh the Boondocks... Boondock Harry! From then on, I was known as "Boondock Harry" Harry Wahlster. My name is not Harry, it just stuck while I was in the service, so I bet no one could find me if they were looking.

Most memorable experience:   Several stories.

*Trips to Canada: Quebec City-- revisited last year. New Brunswick 'sugaring off' party pouring maple syrup in the snow.

*Six buddies (not I) shared ownership in a funk airplane. One was John Morrell.  He liked to hand me the controls, then make the plane do goofy things. Thanks, John.

*A bunch of us went hunting. I was alone when a huge bull moose came snorting through the woods. All I had was a 22. I stood VERY still and very close to the other side of a tree... for a very long time, until he rambled away to get drink from the stream. 

* I went with the B36 mission to Upper Heyford Air Base in England in 1956-7 (Nov-January) because of the Hungarian Uprising. On the way to England, somewhere over Greenland (where you have only about a second to live) I was cooking a steak on the stove in the plane and splattered grease on the captain's parachute. He informed me that was now my parachute.

Last Day at Loring:   Let's go! My friend Randy Brant and I and 2 others were going to West Virginia.  Randy was going on leave and I was going work for Randy's dad building a Kaiser Aluminum plant.



What did you do after Loring: A lot of different things. After the construction job in West Virginia, I surveyed for the toll road in Chicago. Warehousing, house inspections.


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