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Warren, Norman D. (1953-1954)*

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Norman D. Warren with 1/72 model of B-36
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Keesler AFB, MS 1951. This was while I was in Electronics School. All airman going through school were photographed and their picture placed on the wall with name and home town.
Norman (L) and his cousin Louis M. Warren (R) attending a hockey game between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators in the Sommet Center (Nashville TN)
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Crew 1-27-'53 is the crew picture of the flight when Kingdom Harvey (News Reporter) was aboard the flight.
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Norman D. (Jack) Warren, Sr. & son,  Norman D. (Doug) Warren, Jr.,  viewing Sweaters and Medals of Olympians Shea Weber (Team Canada-Gold Medal) and Ryan Suter Team USA-Silver Medal), both Nashville Predators players.
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Norman has some stories he'd like to share, which you can read at Norman's Stories

Hometown:  Murfreesboro, TN

Unit at Loring:  42nd A&E Squadron

First day at Loring:

We arrived at Limestone AFB (10 degrees), on March 26, 1953 TDY from Ft. Worth (75 degrees), where we were issued Artic clothing. When we landed, there was snow banks on both sides of the runway. We were loaded on buses and transported to Building 6000 (the brick bluilding). Our barracks and orderly room was on the ground floor, as was the chow hall and most everything. We were wearing the Artiic clothing and the guys that had been there all winter was wearing shirt sleeves. Probably 4 foot of snow.

Most memorable experience:  

I was fortunate enough to be assigned to flight line and in-fly maintianance on the Bomb-Nay System (K-System) on a certain B-36.  Normally I flew with a certain B-36 when it flew, most of the time with a different crew each time. On one flight General Bertram Harrison flew with us. When we landed, we bounced about 3 times. On the bus back to base ops, one of the airmam commented to the Aircraft Commander " Captain, you sure bounced us on that landing". The Captain reply "yes". Guess who was at the controls on landing?  You guessed it!  General Harrison.

Last Day at Loring:  

My last day (October 1, 1954) was the first day for Loring AFB, prior to that the base was Limestone AFB. The day was calm as I had processed out prior to that day.  As one of the 'early outs' for college, we weren't given any briefings about benefits and such. The bomb-nav section lost about 15-20 men to the 'early out' regulation, General Bertram Harrison was unhappy about it.

What did you do after Loring?

Oct 1954, I entered Middle Tennessee State College in Murfreesboro, TN in Pre-Engineering. April 1955,while still attending MTSC, I opened a roller skating rink, (which I still operate). Sept 1956, I decided that with a wife and 2 sons that I should work a year prior to entering EE school at University of Tennessee. I worked for 11 years at Anorld Engineering Development Center in Tullahoma, TN as an Instrument Tech. During these 11 years, our wind tunnels tested most of the missles, space capsules, Bell X aircraft, and lifting body shapes that are in use today in the space program. Our tunnels were the first in the free world to allow us to reach excape velicity. I left AEDC in 1967 and opened an Audio & Video retail store. Today I still go to the office and oversee both businesses. One son manages the Audio & Video store and the youngest son manages the Skatecenter. My oldest son is a pharmaist for a company that ships medicine all over the country for the VA. My wife, a Fort Fairfield/ Perth, New Brunswick girl, of 56 years is still not a Tennesse girl but we remain together.

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  warrnd@comcast.net

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