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Norman's stories

The following are a collection of memories and stories from Norman (Warren, Norman D. (1953-1954) about his time at Loring Air Force Base, Maine.  You can contact him at warrnd@comcast.net

On the Ball (Buster)

When I  began my assignment as Inflight Bomb-Nav Specialist, one of the first crews I flew with was Capt. Thomason's crew. The Radar Observor was Lt. Peter Mauro; at breifing he came up to me and said he wanted to see me after breifing was over. He came to me after the breifing was over and said, "Warren, I don't know you and you don't know me. I don't care what you do while we are on this flight, but if we have any troubles on the Bomb-Nav System, YOU D--- SURE BETTER BE ON THE BALL".  I went back to the shop and tried to get off the flight. The M/Sgt in charge, told me, 'your plane, you fly with it'. We had several nit-picking problems during  the flight and I clear all problems quickly. Afterwards, every time I flew with Lt. Mauro, he would want to know why I hadn't received a promotion. He always gave me an excellent review on my performance.

B-36 Flight

On January 27, 1954 or there abouts, There was an article in the Fort Fairfield Review written by Kingdom Harvey, the editor, about a 22 hour  flight on a B-36 that I was on. I have read the article at the libary in Fort Fair Field in the 90's. It would be great to have that article posted. It gives some insight as to what the crew does on a long flight.

(Editors note:  Norm sent it to us in March, and it is below)...


Jack the Barber

 married a Fort Fairfield girl, I have made the trip up to FortFairfield about 50 times. Jack, the barber, is her brother. Jack cut hair in several shops around the base. He was in Bldg 6000 the last 15 years the base was open. He still lives just across the Border; hasn't retired as he operates a shop in Caribou.