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Werner, George W. (1956-1959)

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Home Town: Bainbridge,Pa
Unit at Loring: 23 ADS
First Day at Loring: Went by train to Caribou. Had to call base to come get me. They said it will be a little while as they were in a red alert.What was that? I sure learned fast. In November it was getting a little chilly then.
Most Memorable Experience: Can't really think of any now. Memory is a little foggy.
Last Day at Loring: Thank God I am out of this place. When I got there I thought this must be the most God forsaken place in the world.When I left I knew I was right
What did you do after Loring? Worked at making ball bearings. Then went to a new Ceiling plant that opened closer to home. Spent 29 years there then retired in 1999
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