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Zellner, Robert O. (1953-1954)*

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Bob in 1951 at Keesler AFB

Bob today!

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Hometown:  Mechanicsburg, PA

Unit at Loring:  42nd A & E

First day at Loring:

In February, 1953, the first contingent of the 42nd Bomb Wing was flown in from Carswell for a 90 day TDY. When we left Carswell on a C-124 in was about 65 degrees. When we got to Loring (then called Limestone AFB) it was about 30 degrees and there was snow everywhere, and all we had were field jackets.

Most memorable experience:  

When the first B-36 arrived at Loring just about everyone on the base was out on the flight line to watch it land. Somehow the aircraft parking brake were actuated, so when it touched down all eight tires on the main gear blew out and the aircraft came to a very abrupt stop. The side hatch opened immediately and the crew came pouring out. The wheels were all ground off for about a foot from the circumference.

Last Day at Loring:  

August 14, 1954, it was a beautiful, sunny day and they handed me my discharge papers.


What did you do after Loring:

I was discharged on August 14, 1954 as an A1C (today called a Senior Airman). I returned home to Mansfield, PA and enrolled in college at Mansfield State Teachers College. There I met a girl named Shirley and we were married the following July, and we're still married with three daughters and seven grandchildren. In January, 1955 I ran out of money and went job hunting. In March I was hired by IBM as a Customer Engineer, which was a fancy name for punched card accounting machine repairman. In July, 1957 I was transferred to IBM's Military Products Division and became a tech rep on the Q-38 Bomb/Nav System. Over the next five years I was assigned to a number of places including: Boeing Wichita, Altus AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB, back to Altus, Beale AFB, and K. I.  Sawyer AFB. In August, 1962 I transferred back to the main plant in Owego, NY. Over the next 17 years I worked on various military programs such as A-10, Harpoon and the Seahawk helicopter. I also spent two years in Miami working with Eastern Airlines on a civilian program similar the MADREC. In Feburary, 1982 I transferred to Manassas, VA on the Seahawk Trainers program. In June, 1989 I transferred to the Reading, PA IBM branch office as a PC Systems Engineer and stayed there until I retired in 1991. We then moved to Mechanicsburg, PA to be near two of my daughters and have been here ever since. We traveled quite a bit in the early years of retirement, but lately I spend a lot of time on my computer and with my photography. 

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  rozellner@msn.com

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