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Arrowood, Wiley (1960-1963)

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Home Town: Hendersonville, NC
Unit at Loring: 42nd Houndog Missile Maintenance
First Day at Loring:
Most Memorable Experience: "Not a favorite.. but most memorable was being blasted in face with anhydrous amonia from default in missile pylon tank.

Luck to have a North American Tech Rep wiht me.  Stayed in hospital for 17 days.  Doc thought I would not live much less get my vision back.  I am now 90 yrs old and going blind from the accident.
I was treated by Dr. Cotnar and Nurse Mcdonald."
Last Day at Loring: Getting ready to go to Ramey Air Force Base in May of 1963
What did you do after Loring? "Went to Ramey, then to Clinton Sherman Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Worthsmith Base in Oscada, MI.  then Home to Hendersonville in 1970.
Worked at local hospital in maintenance and retired from there."
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