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Becker, Ken (1960-1964)

Posted:  7/12/2010 2:35:25 PM

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Hometown:  Baltimore, MD

Unit at Loring:  42nd Transportation Sq

First day at Loring:

It was in October.. blue skies and huge puffy white clouds. Temperature was cool, the air was dry. I was brought to the barracks and assigned my room. Among all the feelings that run through a young guys head about this huge adventure, I remember the feeling of being "Gung-Ho"...

I was very tired from the long Greyhound bus trip from Baltimore, went to chow, hung out with some of the newer guys and crashed, went to work the very next day.

Most memorable experience:  

I played in many bands while there. We played at Andy's (east gate), Log Cabin (Caribou), Prestile Terrace( Caribou) VFW etc etc. We were scheduled to play at a Christmas party in 62, a blizzard blew in and we couldn't get off base..we had an unbelievable party in the barracks...I woke up in the hallway with no shirt and my guitar on my chest...several of us got chewed out but nothing permanent. At work never anything worth talking about !!!  I enjoyed my job and did it the best I could. Tried to cross train into boomer but no deal.

Last Day at Loring:  

To say exciting would not cover it in detail. I have to admit that SAC was "different" from all the other options that were out there. I thought back to whom I might have made mad in basic!!

Anyway..it was really a non-event..signed a few papers said goodbye to my friends, got in the car and left...I did look back with fondness and have always missed the exhilarating feeling that being part of a force like SAC that got the job done gives you. To this day I am still "Gung-Ho"

What have you done since Loring:

Radio broadcaster for 20 years management and morning drive time, built a music store, got into the medical field (sales). I am president of VetSystems, www.vetsystems.net. I invented a canine whirlpool for rehabilitation and pain management for dogs. I also do DJ work for fun.

From time to time I check out the Loring sites because like I said..regardless of the real time days a Loring, I still feel it was a life changing experience and I really wouldn't mind a do over!!!

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  kenbecker03@bellsouth.net